Happy new pen rest!

The most artful present I received this Christmas came from Sunshine, producer and potter extraordinaire. Around November, I asked him if he could create a pen rest for me; I described, with much hand flailing, how I thought it would look. Imagine my surprise at being presented with three pen rests as a Christmas gift!

Sunshine pressed down on the clay with his fingers to create the indentations that stop the pens from rolling. He used an iron glaze that went on dark and revealed reddish tones when fired.

I feel very lucky to be the caretaker of such beautiful pieces of art. I will have my own room in the office next year (only a few hours away!) and the pen rests will take pride of place on my desk. They will also serve as an added incentive to keep my desk clean and worthy to be the backdrop to such lovely, lovely things. Thank you, Sunshine.