Why the Peninsula?

While tanks roll down Makati Avenue, soldiers in camouflage train their guns onto the Peninsula topiary.

It’s just another coup attempt in the Philippines. Joel and I didn’t notice anything amiss, driving along Ayala to the office around eleven this morning. In fact, we thought the traffic fairly light compared to Ortigas. When we arrived at work, people were crowded in front of the tv. “Trillanes is at the Peninsula.” “The military’s fighting.” “It’s a coup!” “Oh no, not again.”

The Makati police tried to serve a warrant of arrest to Trillanes and Lim this afternoon, past three, but weren’t able to. Heaven knows why. They probably couldn’t get past all the media people waving their cellphones and mikes in front of anyone in uniform.

Now the media people have been told to evacuate the Pen, after several warning shots disturbed the uneasy wait for something, anything to happen. Several are still in the Rizal Ballroom, says the news on TV. I wonder why they picked the Pen. The buffet? The Amorsolo (ooops, Abueva, as my friend just edited for me) ceiling? The piano and bongo drums on the second floor?