Month: November 2007

Why the Peninsula?

While tanks roll down Makati Avenue, soldiers in camouflage train their guns onto the Peninsula topiary. It’s just another coup attempt in the Philippines. Joel and I didn’t notice anything amiss, driving along Ayala to the office around eleven this morning. In fact, we thought the traffic fairly light compared to Ortigas. When we arrived …

Good morning, rain.

Because of you, the building powers-that-be cancelled this morning’s fire drill. No longer will we be mustered away from the comfort of our cubicles, instructed to briskly walk down twenty flights of stairs and herded shivering and whining out into the wet streets while fire trucks answer theoretical alarms and firemen rescue imaginary victims.

More than half of the people in this room will find an excuse not to apply what they’re learning to their own brands.

It’s the way of the world. Leo Burnett flogs its Wildfire movement and its partnership with Contagious in every show. I’ve listened to this presentation or variations of it around three or four times. I’ve tried to sell engagement and interaction ideas as a priority before regular tv-driven campaigns, with a zero batting average so …