Welcome to my mesk.

Mess + desk = mesk. I have a mesk.

Twelve bottles of ink. Three Shiseido foundations: one powder, one brightening veil, one smoothing veil. One bottle of Estee Lauder Idealist, a gift, unopened. A charger for a phone I no longer own. Johnson’s baby fresh cleansing wipes. Nars blush in Gueule de Nuit. Shiseido lipstick in P1 Acorn. A can of Oxycan, Life in a Can! Beauty Formulas Face & Body cooling mist. A can of Diet Pepsi. A loupe. Two green plastic binders. Cake Satin Sugar refreshing hair and body mist. Three pairs of pliers: cutting, round, longnose. The Fountain Pen Hospital Annual 2008. Today’s newspapers. A gift pack from Rogemson. L’Occitane’s Thé Vert au Jasmin eau de toilette. Binder refills. My old Wacom tablet. A basket for coins. The Moleskine twinset 2008 limited edition. A hair stick of buffalo horn that I can’t wear because I no longer have hair. Assorted pens. Assorted receipts. My MBP, the current Wacom tablet, a CD case that is now a coaster.

What I need is a large cabinet where I can hide away everything and pretend, gratefully, that I am revitalized and organized.