Eminence Front, Right and Center.

I could have sworn McVie and me invented the term
“LSS (Last Song Syndrome),” but that is most likely reversihubris on my part. I
wonder if there’s a term for obsessively listening to one track over and over.
OSS? One Song Syndrome?

Mine is a mashup
courtesy of DJ iTrain. (I’m a big fan of the Mashup of the Week podcast.) I almost recognized the opening bars,
and when I heard the “It’s an eminence front” vocal I had to shake the dust off
my eighties mental cassette tapes. Holy neon pantaloons, was that Eminence
Front? The Who? It’s Hard? The tape I painstakingly rewound after the player ate
it and spat it out transformed into vermicelli? (It was a bonus that the DJ had
mashed it with the Beastie Boys’ Root Down, from Ill Communication, one of the
best albums of the nineties hands and shoulder pads

Here it is. Stream it, or right-click to