The Picture Company.

The Picture Company must make tons of money out of parents who are absolutely convinced their child is the most good-looking creature to ever crawl on God’s earth. They have studios, backdrops, propsranging from angel wings to fruit salad headdresses, and model-thin photographers and front-desk people who all themselves poster children for bright-and-perky, and if taking creative portraits of kids were my day job I
myself would be perkier than Barbie boobs.
Lucien wasn’t scared of the camera, or the big lights, or the props. He was perfectly happy to smile at the whooping, clapping, tongue-clicking adults (i.e. me, mom and Bit) who were hoping for the magic reaction shot. He only complained once, when we put him in the big pot and his toes got a tad squished. Otherwise he was (horrors) the ideal child talent.Lucien’s thought balloon: “I solemnly swear I am up to no good.”