Cheerleaders, Goth ambulance chasers and not enough to drink.

Those were the most memorable points of tonight’s
Agency of the Year awards. Oh, and air-kissing enough industry friends to power
a small wind turbine.

This year’s theme
was A Different Ballgame. We were all instructed to come in the sports attire of
our choice. BBDO, Publicis and JimenezBasic came as the Red Sea of Sportswear.
(How many more agencies out there use red in their logos?) McCann was subdued in
dark blue tracksuits. Leo Burnett had baseball caps and whatever casual Friday
outfits they’d spent the day in. Lowe had silvery glittery copy down their
sleeves that said, what else, Lowe. Y&R (that would be us, in case you
didn’t know) had cyan-trimmed 3/4-sleeved white jerseys and cyan capri pants and
white sneakers and an air of nonchalance mixed with resignation. TBWA came in
Gothic Gear; they wore black evening formal with sports-injury accessories like
bruise makeup, casts and neck braces. I liked theirs best of all.

The Letran cheerleading team opened the
show. The kids were energetic, limber and apparently had taken out a patent on
anti-gravity legwarmers. I would have given them the Agency of the Year award on
the spot, if only for being able to smile through their pain. The multiple air
cartwheels would have sent mercenary chiropractors into paroxysms of

Here are the guys who got to bring
home shiny plates:

Print Production House of
the Year: Femar. (Femar? Femar? It’s like your granddaddy winning American Idol.
This was unexpectedly cool.)

Radio Production
House of the Year: Hit Productions. It’s not their first. Not their last either,
I’m sure.

TV Production House of the Year:

Best in Industry Leadership &
Community Service: McCann Erickson.

Best in
Management of Business: McCann Erickson.

in Market Performance: TBWA/Santiago Mangada

Best in Creative: TBWA/Santiago Mangada
Puno. (I judged this category. They received my highest marks. They were also
the only agency to submit interactive

Agency of the Year: TBWA/Santiago
Mangada Puno. (Take good care of that AOY plate, guys. I don’t want it too
smudged when it finally reaches our lobby.

And TBWA, what’s up with the new
childish-scribble logo?

Picture 15.pdf

(Ah, it’s not new, apparently. Still, I like
the backslash more.)