The Hello Garci ringtone.

I don’t understand why the ringtone is supposed to
be illegal.

It certainly doesn’t come with your
provably seditious opinion recorded and tagged onto the end.

The only Hello Garci ringtones I was
able to find online are in .wav and .mp3 format. Neither will play on (by now)
oldskool Sony Ericsson models. So I used PhoneAgent to convert both the wav and
mp3 files into amr. The amr file plays on my T630, but not as a ringtone. Sigh.
Still, maybe you can find a use for it. (It’s only 12 kb, compared to the mp3 at
300+ kb and the wav at 190+ kb.)

I feel
very much Geekgurly today. And it’s all thanks to this afternoon’s illegally
low-clad visitor. Click on the link below to download, then just tooth or IR it
to your phone.