Whew, that’s over with.

Luc is no longer a pagan baby dancing in the woods and paying unholy tributes of curdled milk and gelatinous drool to scantily-clad forest nymphs. Yesterday, at his baptism, I and assorted godparents and family collectively rejected evil and the glamour of sin on his behalf, while he busily sucked on his pacifier.Joel couldn’t make it, Beaker arrived late, and so Luc had two godfathers and over a dozen godmothers. I’d stayed up late the night before tying ribbons around candles, and so was in a bit of a grouch, but Luc was perfectly happy and tantrum-free, relishing the attention and gurgling cheerfully at the pretty girls. My digicam came home with scarcely any shots, so I am begging all the guests with phones and cams to send me whatever shots they took.

During the baptism, the priest (Bit’s friend’s brother) also asked all of us to renew our baptismal vows. I
thought, “Oh, good. An opt-in mechanism.”

Lunch followed in China Star at the Podium. (As one of my friends wondered, “Why does it always have to be a Chinese restaurant?”) I carried Luc around to the restaurant, and told him, “This is a mall. This is Mommy’s second favorite mall. We’ll be coming here again soon,” while he gazed at the shop lights and shopping people with perfect equanimity.

We went home after, and Luc refused to sleep. Instead he insisted on telling his lola and me about everything that had happened to him that day. He must have babbled on for an hour, complete with waving arms and excited attempts at leaps. He only managed to sleep around 9 in the evening, and was out like a sack of potatoes.

I was tired as well, and fell asleep beside him. His pacifier was still stuck in his mouth, and all was right with the world, and I’m sure the forest nymphs came to visit him and wish him well.