Oh no, back to work tomorrow.

I enjoyed the long weekend. We didn’t go to the
cemetery; Bit and I said a quiet prayer for all the family members who’d passed
on and then we ate leftover pizza and chicken.

The weekend wasn’t as enjoyable as it
could have been, though, because I woke up with a cold Friday morning. My nose
is clogged and I keep sneezing. When I sneeze, I feel extra waves going through
my tummy, courtesy of the amniotic fluid. Blowing my nose is more stressful,
too. It seems to strain my back more than usual. Pregnant women are supposed to
sleep on their left side. It’s meant to ease pressure on the aorta. So now when
my left nostril is clogged, instead of lying on my right side, I just prop my
head up with more pillows. I guess this is partly why pregnant women are so wary
of catching even the slightest cold. Bit reassures me that Belly is protected by
the amniotic fluid. That’s a

Still, I managed to make more
jewelry, and clean the inventory. I’ve been leafing through new bead and jewelry
craft magazines. I would like to own a kiln one day, so I can make lampwork
glass beads and work with PMC (precious metal clay), but that will have to wait
until Belly’s older. Or until I make more

It’s good to have time to myself.
I don’t do anything much, and I don’t fidget looking for things to do. It’s just
easy, breathing, smiling when Belly kicks or bloop-bloops, almost like floating
through the hours.

Which is why I don’t
exactly look forward to tomorrow. It’s back to work. I don’t hate work. In fact,
I still like what I do. I just like doing nothing more.