No wonder I turned out like this.

Today I found out that my empathy quotient is 60. (Above average: most
women score 47.)

And that my systemizing quotient is 53. (Hardly any woman
scores this high; I am on the verge of Asperger

I barely squeak into the
balanced brain category. Read more about the Baron-Cohen brain type theory here. Plot your score on the graph below (which
I lifted without permission from the Guardian site – *lol*, talk about
risk-taking) to find out what your brain type

feel for everyone, and can rationalize everything. And THAT, ladies and
gentlemen, explains why I linger in relationships which aren’t good for me.
Extreme empathy (“Of course I understand”) and extreme rationalization (“Of
course I understand”).

I imagine the
grid as a seesaw, and believe that while your basic brain type stays intact,
circumstances will force you to lean more to one side than the other. Certainly
nothing is simple. As I told a friend last Saturday, “If God wanted things to be
simple, He would have put less folds in our brains.”