Welcome, Wacom!

My first graphic tablet was a whopping 12 inches wide.
It was an ArtPad from Wacom, and I acquired it in 1996, the same time I bought
my first digital camera (the heavy black Kodak DC50, which stored a maximum of 8
shots at a resolution of 640×480 and doubled as a self-defense tool).

Chancing upon my old Photoshop doodles
yesterday inspired me to acquire my second tablet. It’s also from Wacom, and
it’s a Graphire 2. Cheap at P4,500 from PowerMac in Megamall. (I must pause a
moment here and rave about that store. My next target is the Altec Lansing
InMotion speakers – my iPod will fit happily in between the two speakers and
look sleek and pristine and oh-so-geek-gadget-girl.) There’s a newer model, the
Graphire 3, but it seems to be a lifestyle upgrade more than a functional one,
so I’m quite happy with mine. It started working immediately after I’d plugged
it into the USB port, and when I loaded the installer, it was easy to adjust the
pen’s pressure sensitivity and configure the rest of the functions the way I was
used to working with them.

Hot off the

Here’s Electric Shadow

My sister named this one Bikini Girl

If you can’t buy love, buy