Pens for Aid: handmade leather journal from Fountain Pen Day.

Handmade leather journal from Cary of Fountain Pen Day.

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Cary, founder of Fountain Pen Day, makes these leather journals himself.  He has a video up, with samples! He offered to make one for a lucky winner to help Pens for Aid. Thank you, Cary. Because this leather journal is totally handmade, you have many options. He describes them:

Leather colors: 
Black or Dark Brown

Midori Passport size or Field Notes size. So you understand the Midori Passport size holds pretty much just those note books. The Field notes size holds all notebook that are 3.5” x 5.5” size. I got into the whole “making my own cover” process because I wanted something to hold those notebooks of where there are a lot of brands making them.

Strap to hold is closed:



Edge protector, it is just a small piece of leather that goes on the cord and covers the edge of the cover. If you decide you don’t like it you can simply cut it off. I attached a pic so you can see what I mean.

Check out the pictures for the details. The leather journal will ship from the US, and secret goodies will come from Manila.

Please bid generously! I want to encourage you to bid by setting the starting price low. You're not just buying a leather journal, you're donating to the relief efforts of the Philippine Red Cross for Typhoon Haiyan survivors.IMPORTANT: I’ve been using a personal PayPal account to handle the donations and PayPal has just sent me an email asking if I’m a nonprofit. :) We’ll need to adjust the payment mechanics while I’m resolving this with them. Winning bidders will need to send the payment to the Red Cross ( directly, then email me their receipt. Thank you for understanding!

(Please note: I am not a professional seller, this is the first time I am using this Wordpress auction plugin, I've tested it and so far it works. But if you have any concerns at all, email me stat: leighpod at good ol' gmail.)

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