Art sensei.

I have an art sensei. He looks like a bug and he answers to either “Phil” or “The.” He doesn’t teach me about materials, or make me memorize the taxonomy of art movements since the 12th century. What he does is ask a lot of questions. Most of them start with “why don’t you.”

Why don’t you make an axe-wielding zombie version of yourself?

Axe-wielding zombie Leigh
Axe-wielding zombie Leigh. Watercolor, Derwent Inktense blocks, watersoluble graphite.

Why don’t you try working on a larger area than you’re used to?

The grand splatter
The grand splatter, now on A3 paper. Glass pen, Noodler's Dark Matter.

Why don’t you use your left hand?

Layered like secrets and bones
Layered like secrets and bones. Noodler's Kiowa Pecan, diluted Pilot asa-gao, folded pen, Huron Grande with flex nib.

Why don’t you do that non-female steampunk ninja?

Okay, that one will take a bit more work.

Do you have an art sensei? Someone prone to making profound pronouncements, who asks you strange questions, and prompts you to peek inside closets and around corners?