Beabi doesn’t know it yet, but they make a great pencil case.

It’s just that they call it a “medicine/receipt organizer, large.”

Beabi case

Inside, it has zippered plastic pockets. Each one can hold around a dozen pencils. The pockets are stitched to the spine of the case.

Beabi case, open

There’s no “give” on the sides, so the pencils naturally lie flat and don’t roll around much. These are Cretacolor Aqua Monolith pencils and they are on the fragile side, so I’m glad to report that no pencil has been broken in the course of this experiment. I’ve been lugging them around for months.

Beabi case, open

Every case has 6 pockets. More organized artist doodlers will most likely use this feature to arrange their pencils by color family. I really should do that sometime. Other pockets can be used for erasers, waterbrushes, even these Peerless watercolors I’ve been thinking of getting.

Beabi case

Another Beabi case holds my Derwent Inktense and Graphitint pencils.

Another Beabi case

This is what they look like from the side.

Beabi stack

Beabi has an inactive Facebook page. Come on guys, you bring such joy to the obsessive-compulsive in all of us – surely you can’t begrudge your fans at least an online catalog?