Repeat after me: “Repetition is relaxing.”

One line parallels another, and before I know it I’ve filled a page.

Strange Noodle 1
Strange Noodle 1: Paperblanks unlined notebook, Pelikan Binder XXF/full flex with Noodler's Antietam, Omas Mottishaw XXF/full flex with Noodler's Kiowa Pecan, Danitrio Binder cursive italic with Noodler's Golden Brown

I start in the middle of the page, usually. Then the lines accrete upon themselves, like barnacles in a mosh pit. Sometimes I figure out in the middle of drawing that oh, it’s an eye. Or this might be a kite. In the noodle below, the bird’s perch was what I started with, not knowing it would be a perch, or that there would be a bird. The bird was the last to emerge.

Strange Noodle 2
Strange Noodle 2: Paperblanks unlined notebook, (rehomed) Danitrio Iwahada-nuri with flexible stub, Noodler's Golden Brown

With wider nibs, thicker lines and darker inks, the process remains relaxing, but the mood of the drawing changes, and becomes almost sinister.

Strange Noodle 3
Strange Noodle 3: Paperblanks unlined notebook, Danitrio flexible stub, Platinum music nib; Noodler's Army Green, Noodler's Burgundy and mutant gray that I could have sworn was green

If I’d drawn this with my left hand, it would have been perfectly sinister.