Flock 2.0 Beta, do I like you?

In all the fuss about Google Chrome, and IE 8 the Advertiser Freakout, I almost missed the Flock 2.0 beta release.

The tabs look more more raised, text rendering is looser, there’s still no way to refresh the People sidebar (whose top bar now sports an underwhelming beige background). If you’re a feeder, you’ll like the manual feed refresh. I am not a feeder. I should be, but I think I already overindulge in information.

Built on Firefox 3, Flock 2.0b is noticeably faster on OS X 10.5. It doesn’t stagger as much when I open multiple tabs. The Browser Lords, bless their compliant hearts, know how I want everything, and I mean everything, in one window. Tabs, scrolling media, status updates, my online omniverse through a Bloombergian window.

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