A week with the BH-503.

I ask too much, I know. I want this headset to seamlessly switch between the Mac and the N82. That requires an operating system, not a sensor.

A kink that had me shaking my head this morning: the Mac couldn’t find the BH-503. I turned the headset off and on, made sure it was charged, set it as “unauthorised” in the N82, and turned off the N82’s Bluetooth for good measure. Nothing. After some googling, I realized I had to reset the headset. (Turn it off, press the volume up key and the multifunction key at the same time, watch the indicator light dance red, green, blue three times.)

That worked. I paired it with the Mac ahead of the N82. And now it’s Lord, I’m Discouraged by The Hold Steady, moving on to Everything That Happens Will Happen Today by David Byrne and Brian Eno, and after that a dollop of Nick Drake, perhaps, or something sad, because I have just learned David Foster Wallace has committed suicide, and my words have suddenly run out.