Noodler’s Baystate Blue.

Noodler’s Baystate Blue stains skin, sinks, pens, everything. I was foolhardy and loaded it into one of my Danitrios, and now I have very subtle spots of blue on once-pristine beige lacquer. Let’s just call them spots of honor – I have used Baystate Blue and survived.

Waterman’s Florida Blue is brilliant wet, but dries buttoned-up and somber. The path gives me more pleasure than the view. Diamine China Blue whispers. Caran d’Ache Blue Sky is only pretty.

Baystate Blue is unapologetically, drunkenly blue, and that is why I keep on using it even if I can’t wash it off my hands. I miss chocolate. If I dance on a barstool, I will fall and break a hip. Our new visualizer told me I remind her of her mom. Surely there is some wickedness left in these bones. If I find more in an ink bottle, or in the lyrics of a song by The National, then that’s the way it goes.