Deep breath.

I don’t do this very often. Reincarnation is a tricky business. Especially if, technically speaking, you’re still live.

I’m dropping and starting over using my own domain. After mucking about with mamp and agitprop (thanks to this tutorial at, I’ve also succeeded in exporting my iBlog entries from 2004 onwards into the WordPress format, and am now busy fixing links and line breaks with ecto. Given enough time and the patience of running water over rock, I should be able to consolidate my online verbiage in one place. I’ll take down the old blog hosted at .mac, and redirect here. And that should be that. The googlebots can sneak out for a drink.

Don’t mind the generic template and the total absence of link love. Eddy’s in the space-time continuum, but he’ll be back from tea soon, and then we’ll work on all the details.