The Visconti Mazzi Dragon.

Visconti Mazzi Dragon box

Another dragon joins the collection. This time it’s Italian. Claudio Mazzi is best known for his airbrushed Zippos. This was his first collaboration with Visconti. His style reminds me of Heavy Metal covers and 80’s posters beloved of teenage fanboys.

Visconti Mazzi Dragon box

Visconti Mazzi Dragon pen

Visconti Mazzi Dragon - nib and section

The pen’s clip is the classic Visconti arc. The capband is inscribed with “Visconti” and “The Dragon,” in Gothic capitals.

Visconti Mazzi Dragon - stub nib

The nib is a stub, and it’s a juicy one. Noodler’s Antietam shades well. And surprise, it was a nib I didn’t have to tweak.

Three Dragons - Nakaya, Danitrio, Visconti

Why do we never tire of dragons?