One era at a time.

I am always overwhelmed at the Louvre. I can’t do what the other tourists do, take in everything in one day and have a sandwich in between halls. For me, the Louvre is best in bite-sized pieces.

So yesterday, I went straight to the Egyptian Antiquities section in Sully. Who knew hieroglyphics came in cursive? I spent a lot of time in front of the papyrus displays. What I thought were incense sticks were actually writing sticks on ink boards. I didn’t bother to rent the digital guides, instead preferring to stare at objects and teasing out meaning from the French descriptions.

Taking pictures and video distracts me. I don’t like the feeling of recording the experience just as I’m experiencing it. I took most of these pictures going through the exhibition again on my way out. My first real mummy! Kohl and unguent pots! No wonder I missed lunch.