A breather before it begins.

I arrived at Gray d’Albion, where all the judges stay, last night. I’m getting used to subtracting six hours from the time on my phone. Part of my welcome kit was a Clock of Kindness. It’s meant to be set on Cannes time and on home time; a sweet gesture, but the clock itself is too heavy to lug around, so I resort to my basic math skills.

It’s good that my body clock is not complaining. I decided to walk the main shopping street to complete my adjustment and stay awake when I’m supposed to. Monoprix had Coke Light and Clairefontaine notebooks, Sephora had eight variations on vanilla spritzes (none of which I bought, hurray for me) and lunch was monkfish with artichokes.

Later tonight is the welcome dinner for the Radio, Outdoor, Press and Design juries at La Cote Restaurant in the Carlton Hotel. The dress code is “smart casual.” Around here that can mean anything from lingerie masquerading as dresses to a pair of jeans encrusted with enough stones to merit its own gravitational pull.

Thunder! That means rain. So the weather has decided smart casual for me means a jacket and sensible shoes.

I can’t wait to start listening to the radio entries tomorrow.