Farewell, Al.

Waterman 7 from Al Mayman

Al Mayman of Penultimate has passed away.

From Maryann and Steve of Signum, posted on the Yellow Board:
The Mayman family asked me to send the following message to friends who are concerned, “We are sad to inform you of the passing of our Dear Friend, Al Mayman, The Penultimate!” His family would appreciate you celebrating Al’s life with a Moment of Silence on March 31st at 1:05 p.m., prior to the Phillies’ Opening Day Baseball Game. In addition to pens, Al had a deep love of baseball.

I have two pens from Al: a Waterman 12 with an artist nib, and the Waterman 7 that arrived just last week. He was always very kind in his emails, and I always sensed a smile behind his patient answers to my pesky questions.

First Jonathan, now Al. I am very sad.