In between takes, a few shots of pens.

We’re shooting at Pinto Gallery in Antipolo. Stairs of stone and cement lead to and from pockets of gardens and ponds. There is a whiff of delightful dereliction about the place, a devil-may-care attitude towards cobwebs and lichen. There are sculptures almost indistinguishable in texture from the grass and soil and wood that surround them. There is a headless, armless Amazon in stone, a man overtaken by snails, a couple in clay staring across the pool to the trees beyond. There is a chapel, with Christ floating on the wall without a cross. There are stands of bamboo, succulent leaves larger than umbrellas, and unclothed wooden saints.

Ah, I thought, a perfect place to shoot my pens.

Blessed be the Tibaldi Iride.

St. Tibaldi Iride

Frog met frog, but nothing came of their encounter.

Frog versus Frog

The new Bexley sleeve filler got a taste of the limelight, in a sawn-off bamboo rod.

Bexley Sleeve Filler

And a tiny tribute to the overwhelmed man in the garden.

May you never be overwhelmed

I’d like to come back here. And sleep.

Time to sleep