Delayed gratification.

The Cebu Pacific flight to Hong Kong was two hours delayed. Each announcement of further waiting elicited cries of dismay from the passengers, followed by a flurry of texting, I assume to people waiting for them on the other side of the flight. Those connecting to other destinations approached the counter but left with frowns.

We finally landed in Hong Kong past 9. As our original arrival time was 6:40, I had hoped to run errands for friends after I’d checked in, but that was not to be. By the time I plopped onto my hotel bed it was too late to do anything but find a 7-11 and lay in supplies for the evening.

While wandering, I discovered Congee Wonderland. I ate warm rice rolls with a Chinese Bolognese sauce (it was yummy!) and had a glass of cold soy milk. Fortified and cheered, I then walked back to the hotel. Especially when traveling alone, one finds great joy in small things.