Cheap and Cheery!

I noticed a pen friend (hi, rcdiugun!) carrying one of these when we met at Starbucks. When I saw them for sale at Fully Booked in Bonifacio High Street, I couldn’t resist picking up three, even though I already own a 40-pen case.

It says “mohohon” and “Cheery,” and has an absurdly cute cat. It comes in brown and gray. I chose brown. The buttons snap into place firmly. I close the two outermost ones first, and tuck my fingers in to finish the two middle ones, to avoid pressing down on the pens inside. The material is surprisingly soft for fake leather.

Inside, there are slots (again, more fake leather action, this time in black) for five pens, four slim and one humongous. There is enough space in between the pens so they don’t rub against each other. The carrying strap is a thoughtful gesture on the part of the product designer.

People who are averse to cute cats might want to slap a skull or race car sticker atop the cat logo incised at the back of the pen case. Otherwise, this is great value at around 102 pesos (slighly more than 2 dollars), and is vegan-friendly to boot. If you come across them, snap them up.