More on the Asus Eee.

One of the Asus Eee’s clincher factors is its price. At approximately P19000 SRP, it’s cheaper than high-end phones – and you don’t need to squint too hard at the screen. I am really liking the screen; it’s just enough to be useful. Horizontal scrolling doesn’t bother me too much, but it might frustrate other users accustomed to visiting information-heavy sites. I visit at the most 10 bookmarked sites a day, most of them simply designed.

Skype is built in, although I hardly use the app, even on my Mac; I don’t really need to make international calls when IM’ing is practically free. The customized UI has tabs on startup: internet, work, learn, play, settings… Simplified, practically newbie-proof, and enough for what I do when I’m traveling or working out of the office.

I’m blogging from bookwormcafe at Serendra, waiting for a lunch appointment. So far so good. The Eee showed me Wifi options and I just clicked “connect.”

The 4 GB hard drive won’t hold images, videos or music the way I’m used to. Not that I intend to use this little one for editing, or huge presentations.

The Asus Eee came with a neoprene case, which I am now using as a placemat. Even with the case it didn’t add too much weight to my tote. So now I don’t have to bring two bags. I think women are a natural target for this ultraportable, and it shows in the color options Asus released. Baby pink! Pale yellow! I bought the white version, though. I don’t think I can stomach a baby pink PC.