Leigh’s Haircut: the FAQ.

So were you depressed?
Don’t you think you look like your mom with that haircut?
Yes. But she’s prettier.
Why did you do it?
My hair was fried. It was futile to try to save it.
But hasn’t your hair been fried a while?
Yes, but I never noticed because it was always up in a bun.
Who cut your hair?
Oreo at Propaganda in Greenbelt 1.
So what happens to all your hair accessories?
I might give them away.
What did Lucien think of your hair?
He gawked, then smiled, then tugged my bangs. Then everything was back to normal.
Do you blowdry everyday?
I bought a new blowdryer. Whether it will be wielded daily remains to be seen.
So you’re sure you’re not depressed?
Yes, I’m quite sure.