One more day left for the Manila International Book Fair. Go, go!

Orion is giving away a free book bag with your
purchase of any three titles from their “Ten Best Science Fiction Novels Ever
Written” reissues. I had to get it, of course. It has a notable misspelling of
Alfred Bester’s name on one side. 😉 I acquired The Dispossessed, Cities in
Flight and Sirens of Titan. I’ve owned all of these at one time or another, and
the other titles as well. I’m surprised Ubik made it. (Unless Philip K. Dick’s
oeuvre is scattered amongst different publishers, why would they choose Ubik
over, let’s say, The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch? I would appreciate
enlightenment on this score.) Perhaps some lucky guy will receive one of these
books for Christmas.

I also had fun at
the P199 for any 3 books stall. Most of what they had were science fiction and
fantasy novels. If you’ve been looking to complete your Stephen Donaldson
collection, there are copies of White Gold Wielder and The One Tree. A lot of
Modesitt. An Iain M. Banks bonanza! To think I was wondering about getting The
Algebraist just last week for P450. Well, for P398 I got that, and Excession,
The Player of Games, Look to Windward and Inversions; and Natural History by
Justina Robson. Six books for less than ten dollars! What joy. What strain on
the shoulders.

I bought Douglas Preston
& Lincoln Child’s The Book of the Dead in hardcover at 20% off (we are Agent
Pendergast fans).

Tradewinds and
Bookmark and the UP Press had great books on sale as well, but I wasn’t able to

Ooo, Steph Swainston’s No
Present Like Time made it home with me too. I can’t wait to return to the

Lucien was an angel the whole

After gorging on books we headed
to Jollibee, where Luc goggled at the umbrella mobiles and the TV set into the
menuboard. From there it was off to pick up Bit, then to a children’s party at
Shakey’s. Luc discovered he likes mojos and fried chicken. That’s my