I’ll have blunt force trauma with cheese, please.

I’m considering adding one more verb to the categories: blurring. It is what the days have done, badly-drawn birds orbiting the sun.1. I haven’t done OTX in a while, for lack of a properly working tablet. I requested one from the office and it’s arriving tomorrow. It’s bad enough misplacing the letter N and the command keys that Lucien tore off the keyboard with his baby thief fingers! Without a tablet, I take twice as long to do Keynote and Photoshop. (And Fireworks, now that I’ve rediscovered making animated themes for my W800.)

2. My hair is too long and makes my neck hurt. Someone tell me what do with it. I could give it to charity but
they’d probably pay me to take it back.

3. The morning I started on Ian McLeod’s House of Storms, Lucien swept the remote off the cabinet, whereupon it hit the floor and went to heaven. The RCA Universal Remote (P699) refused to work. My sister swore she pressed Code Search 200 times. The next day I bought a Sony Universal Remote (P899), which worked immediately. (For those of you who have SkyCable Silver, try flipping between Channel 20 and 21 – GemTV (“Ang Samahan ng Mga Nagsialis sa Dating Daan”) and the Dating Daan channel. Hilarious.)

4. In 2004, Fortune ran an article called “Advertising’s Nightmare on Madison Avenue.” It made me think of
an old framework I used to use to explain different kinds of ad agencies during school talks. There’s SM, and Landmark, and Rustan’s, and 7-11, and People Are People, and this li’l hot boutique only three fashion editors and two real people know about.