Happy Mother’s Day, part two.

I signed my insurance contract a couple of days ago. (The old one lapsed and I, the most organized person on earth, and even you must recognize that that is complete falsehood, could not for the life of me figure out where the papers were.) The contract provides compensation for loss of various parts of the body, certain dread diseases and suicide, which must be committed in a state of insanity.

These are not things I enjoy thinking about – I would much rather look away, rather like last night when the Ripley’s show on TV featured a woman who was stuffing a python down her throat. But I will focus on the positive side, and take comfort in knowing Lucien will be financially provided for, somehow. It certainly made riding the swing down onto the stage during last Tuesday’s Creative Guild awards
night less worrisome.

I wonder how people in dangerous jobs manage it all.

Does Danny Phantom’s mom have insurance?