Lucien’s Log: Island Cove.

I went with Mama to Island Cove yesterday.We go to Cavite almost every Sunday. This time, instead of making me sit in the swing so I get all sleepy, and not get to put nice things in my mouth like leaves and dirt, we went to Island Cove. I fell asleep as soon as we got there. I looked at the pictures, though, and I think the crocodiles seemed quite friendly. Their mouths were open all the time! I bet they liked my shades.

I met Fernando Poe Jr.’s horse. His name is Sunshine. Bitita stayed close to me the entire time. I guess she was scared of Sunshine. Not me. I was so cool with it that I kept on napping.

Mama says this bird is a cassowary. It wasn’t mean like the ostriches.

The best part of the trip was the Butterfly Farm! I wanted to eat one of the flowers but Mama kept dancing around with me. I wish she wouldn’t do that. It makes me hungry.

The family ended with a yummy meal of pancit, bibingka, puto bumbong and halu-halo. I didn’t see any plants on the table, so I thought Mama and I should just go for a walk near the funny houses on the water.

I wanted to bring him home with us, but Mama said no. Oh well. Maybe if I had asked to bring home the iguana instead?