Goody bags, escapism and the inappropriate use of black boots.

This is the last day of the Philippine Ad Congress.
In the Waterfront hotel lobby, you can choose to pay for Globequest WIZ WiFi, or
if you are not financially prepared, free PLDTbizDSL. (That would make a good
password, actually. All it lacks is a numeric character, and it would at least
be medium security.)

The trade exhibit
downstairs is the place to go for goody bags. Everyone carries theirs around,
branded “Philippine Star” and “Manila Bulletin” and “Level Up!” No worries about
too much branding here – it is brands that fund all our livelihoods.

The finalists are on display. People
have been tallying all week. Rumor has it there are only four Araw Golds in TV
this year. (I imagine the pale blood of art directors and copywriters coursing
down Cebu streets, pooling at the feet of the statue of Magellan.) Y&R’s
finalists are fairly spread out; we have several in radio, a couple in
poster/outdoor, one in design, one in direct mail. I don’t think we have any TV
finalists. But all will be revealed tonight, and people can only take so much
tension before taking it out on their

I’ve noticed too many women
wearing high-heeled black leather boots not to comment. Girls, if you’re reading
this, please note: Cebu. Tropical. Monsoon weather, but still tropical. Island.
Beach. Sand. Do any of those words go with high-heeled black leather

Ah well. I’m off to get my goody