Temporary title.

What is it with gender roles and WPP,

Today’s online Ad Age, in
lip-smacking glee, banners “Sir
Martin Hit by Humbling $50M Divorce
,” and not content with that,
subheads, “‘Genius’ WPP Chief Had to Live in the Cellar.”

The trials of being
Mrs. Sorrell

Still, Judge
Bennett is not unsympathetic to the sufferings of Mrs. Sorrell during her
marriage: “I agree that Mr. Sorrell did not behave as a “good” husband in that
from about 1993 he conducted an affair about which the wife learned in 1999. I
agree he was insensitive about his occupation of Walton Place post the wife
making clear in late 2003 and 2004 that the marriage was over,” he writes.
According to Mrs. Sorrell?s lawyer, in the later years of their marriage,
Mr. Sorrell had “marginalized,” “dehumanized” her, and “discarded her from his

Judge Bennett also
agreed with Mrs. Sorrell?s argument that she devoted herself to raising
their three sons while Mr. Sorrell was the breadwinner. “I have no doubt that
the brunt of running the home/s and bringing up the boys fell on the wife. She
more than willingly undertook those very important, time-consuming roles. She
can be justly proud of what she has achieved.” But he finds fault with her claim
that Mr. Sorrell was “a father by appointment,” and calls the 472-page exhibit
to her affadavit, in which she details her contribution, and example of trying
to “overegg the pudding.”

I have no
doubt this will be more egg for the “advertising is run by the old boys’ club”
pudding, timed to stoke the fire lit by Neil French’s “women creative directors
are crap”