See you later, agitator.

Two political posts in one

I am wary of extraordinary
presidential powers.
I am just as wary of those who intend to use the
existence of the document as an excuse to raise the shade of martial law, as
parents do the bogeyman.

Like many
middle-class parents, I am torn between the politics of convenience and
appeasement and capitalism, and the politics of justice and preference for the
poor. I try very hard to imagine the gray in between, hoping we can all live
there in peace somehow, and what I get in my head is protesters being hosed down
by smiling riot police. (“Preemptive strike” assumes those striking preemptively
are quite sure of what they’re preempting.

I imagine us sitting on a long, long
fence that joins the horizon, clutching our children, apprehensively watching
the wind.