A custom choker to match a Diwali sari.

The last time I was commissioned to do
jewelry, it was for a magazine. (I created a “breastlet,” which was a bit like a
bracelet for the breast, that was suspended from the neck, with giant opalite
beads to assist gravity.) That was some time back. So I was quite happy to make
one for Neenu to match her sari for the Diwali ball last weekend.

The choker features freshwater pearls,
pineapple quartz and smoky quartz briolettes, copper beads and findings, glass,
and assorted semi-precious stones. The beads are “embroidered” onto an armature
using fine wire.

Needless to say, I did
this during my spare time in the office, because Lucien will just eat the beads
at home.