You are what you read, part 1.

The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch, Philip K.

one knows where Palmer Eldtritch got Chew-Z, but everyone uses Can-D to get into
Perky Pat’s and her boyfriend’s mind and flee from the ennui of the day, which
is considerably more because the days are scientifically longer on Mars, and
they are colonists whose ambitions end at the corner of their assigned vegetable
plot, and all they want to do is play the Perky Pat board game and pretend
they’re in the good ol’ days when you could still stand under the Earthen sun
for 2 minutes without burning up. Chew-Z is rumored to be better than Can-D. It
also makes you see Palmer Eldritch everywhere. Which is not a good thing as he
resembles a skull assembled from a Taiwanese manual with a very tenuous hold on
the English language.

This is the copy I
had. I lost it somewhere in between Cavite and Makati. I bought another copy.
That’s how much I love this book.

On to
the next one.

Ubik, Philip K.

Dying? Not sure if you’re either? Then you need Ubik. Just a can of Ubik
restores youth, vitality and present time to you and your surroundings, and you
really need one if you have an insane almost-dead-except-for-a-bit entity out to
get you.