Why did your newspaper seem more interesting this week?

It’s the last week for ads to be eligible for the
Araw Awards in November. Today’s the deadline, actually. So if you see, for
example, a series of Pantene ads sporting only 1 hair instead of the regulation
full head of beautiful shiny hair parked on a beautiful face, that’s the
creative team stretching its muscles, so to speak. Or a series of
black-and-white Gatsby ads with Japanese brush strokes standing in for hair
styles, and not the usual smiling young men who are funky yet wholesome (read
“friendly yet authoritative,” a classic oxymoronic advertising brief).

I love this time of the year, which only
happens every two years. I love seeing what else, what if, who knows.

Good luck to us, and to all the other
agencies who want a taste of metal.