So did we stick our hand in the disposal?

From, part of an article that announces
awarding of the Hilton account to

Review process
drew criticism

The selection of Y&R
ends what had been a contentious start to the review in May. Hilton required any
contenders for the account to
sign away
their rights to the ideas they pitched, even if they didn’t win the
. The requirement, part of a
nondisclosure agreement agencies had to sign in order to participate in the
request for proposals process, immediately drew criticism from some sectors of
the industry, including heavy hitters Andy Berlin and David

Mr. Berlin, chairman of WPP’s Berlin
Cameron/Red Cell, New York, had said, “As a matter of policy, it is a bad idea
for any agency to give away their most valuable products, which are their ideas.
But there’s always someone hungry enough, and opportunities like this are
enticing. It is something we wouldn’t do, but it’s a free country and you can
stick your hand in the disposal and try to take the fork out anytime you

“If we as an industry don’t take a stand
and reinforce the value of a great idea to our clients, then we’re doomed to
become a commodity,” said Mr. Lubars, chairman and chief creative officer of
Omnicom’s BBDO North America. “I’m politely declining the opportunity to give
away our ideas.”