Lucien’s day out.

Going on a road trip with the little emperor, we always overpack. He had at least 5 changes of clothing in his bag, not to mention three toys and milk and diapers and towels. Mom’s birthday is next week, and we wanted to take her to Antonio’s Breakfast Lunch and Dinner Too (now that’s idiot-proof) in Tagaytay. Of course we could not leave Lucien to fend for himself – although he always seems quite content to bang and bump everything in his path whenever he’s in his walker, and can reach for towels and placemats and drag them on the floor after him, and other fun activities besides – so it became Lucien and Lola’s day out.
Joel got in past 9 in the morning. We were taking Rogue, and I was supposed to drive Rogue partly up the driveway so Joel could park Orlando in Rogue’s space. And so I sat in the driver’s seat, for the first time in almost two years. I managed to remember where the hand brake was, and was quite proud of myself for being able to start the engine. I stepped on the gas. The engine revved but I didn’t move. Hmmm. I rolled down the window and screamed at Joel, who was waiting patiently in Orlando. “Joel!!! The car won’t move!” After panicking for several seconds, I realized I hadn’t changed gears from Park to Drive.

Regardless of the momentary departure of my common sense, we did make it there and back.