I was never a good mathematician, or physicist. I
dreamt of a career in the applied sciences, though, spurred by tolerable scores
in high school trigonometry and geometry. “I want to be a scientist,” I would
tell my mom, and she’d say, “Journalism na lang,” to which I would turn up my

Presaging many decisions of my
adult life, I ticked the wrong box in my college course application form.
Imagine my surprise when I realized during registration that I was in BS
Computer Science, not BS Chemistry. Not exactly the road to perdition, but
definitely a side street. I came close to flunking Algebra and disgraced myself
in Calculus. In my sophomore year I shifted to Management Economics, and my
science career went the way of etheric forces and the four

I still wonder what my life would
have been like had I ticked the right box.