A quick note from the oblivious corner.

I purchased a Wingspan card for P100 at Seattle’s
Best in Rockwell so I could fix a couple of boards and email them off. They were
at least 3 MB each, and would have required 30 minutes and a prayer to download
at home.

No one here is talking about
the SONA. I hear them talking about real estate deals, who bonked whom last
week, why the Rockwell sale is quite the bomb. A girl beside me is on blogcity,
blogging, presumably, about how freaked out she is with the guy she thinks is
her boyfriend. I count at least four couples doing the lean-over-the-table bit.
Families debark from shiny SUVs, ready for an afternoon of shopping and dining
and looking like they just stepped out of a Citibank print

Then there’s me.