Co-dependence Day.

My country is bored with exposes.

The jueteng allegations against the
Arroyos, and Samuel Ong’s flight into the arms of the San Carlos Seminary on the
heels of his revelation of “the mother of all tapes,” President Arroyo’s
supposed instructions to the Comelec to pad her votes during the 2004 elections,
are being built up by politicians and the media. GMA 7’s Arnold Clavio went on
air, and Vicky Morales anchored from the studio, until past 1 in the morning.
ABS-CBN didn’t seem to have any big name newscasters on the scene, but ANC sent
Ricky Carandang, who commented that the people who showed up at San Carlos
ranged from the “merely curious to the rabidly partisan.”

All of us who didn’t show up are all
along the bell curve of

JV Ejercito, patches of
sweat multiplying with every successive interview, managed to look both
oppressed and satisfied at the same time. Jinggoy Ejercito and Jamby Madrigal
also appeared. Samuel “I’m a dead meat” Ong’s house was reportedly ransacked by
the authorities.

It is a swirling dust
storm, rising from a million tiny grievances looking for a ride. The TV
stations, caught in a life-or-death battle for hearts and ratings, send news
crews out like vultures, hoping to be the first to spot and interview the first
deaths – political careers, reputations, actual lives. Those in power and those
who aren’t circle one another, cocks spoiling for a fight, all basilisk eyes and
chicken livers.

It is 2 in the morning.
The rain breaks on the empty road. In two more days, it will be Independence
Day. From what, I have no idea.