This had better work.

It’s the Tender Vibrations (I kid you not) blanket which went home with us today from the Maxibear shop in Shangri-la. The teddy bear conceals a battery-operated contraption that simulates a heartbeat. In theory, it will calm down Lucien when he’s overstimulated. (No doubt by the other items I brought back from Maxibear:a vibrating turtle baby gym, and a butterfly that makes sounds and has a face that lights up.)

Luc has been fretty lately. He refuses to sleep during the day, and growls when he’s laid down in his crib. He would much rather be with us on the couch, babbling away, or staring at the black-and-white mobiles I made out of cardboard, or mewling to himself about nothing in particular. Anything but be stuck in his boring crib
with nothing to do save dribble saliva.

I’d be irritable too, if I couldn’t coerce one billion neurons to help me wipe my own dribble from my cheek.