Lucien Constantine, Hellburper.

Luc is named after two of my favorite comic book
characters: Lucien, the custodian of the Library of Dreams, and John
Constantine, Hellblazer and Chainsmoker.

(Lucien is also the name of the leader
of the lycans in Underworld. I like his tragic, melanin-challenged style.
There’s always been a soft spot in my heart for intense wasted Goth

Lucien, librarian to Morpheus,
is a geek. He watches over all the books that have yet to be written. I think of
him as a portal of potential, the guardian of possibilities. He is not a main
player in the Dreaming. He has no puissance, although he does have funny
conversations with Merv the scarecrow pumpkin head cleaning guy and Matthew the
ex-convict ex-magician-gone-bad raven.

I’ve been a John Constantine groupie
since he first appeared in Swamp Thing. He’s not good, he’s not evil, he’s
human. He survives on knife-edge wit as much as he does by magic. He looks like
Sting. (Which is why the choice of Keanu Reeves still peeves me.) He looks
smashing in a trenchcoat. And he used to be in a punk band.

Lucien and