Just call me zombie.

Sleep deprivation is one of the things the
parenting books warn you about, but you never really appreciate until you
stagger through it. I look longingly at any horizontal surface, wishing for a
solid 8 hours of unconsciousness with the wistfulness of a teenager staring at a
Santa Claus impersonator in the mall.

Luc is on a three-hour cycle. He drinks
his milk, fusses or stays alert for 30 minutes to an hour, goes to sleep, then
wakes up, then cries for more milk. I take care of him from early morning,
around 6, to midnight. After that I get to lie down and mom takes over (she
normally sleeps lightly in the afternoon, and early in the evening). Since we
sleep with Luc in the middle of the bed, my sleep does get interrupted when he
wakes up.

Ah well. The books also say
that just when I get used to life as a zombie, the little one will start
sleeping more than 4 hours a night. I can’t wait.