Clean house.

Marlon came over yesterday, patted Bellyboo,
asked for paper and pen, and proceeded to interview me about post-Belly life.
Who’s going to stay here? Will you have a yaya? What do we have to work with?
Where will the Belly sleep? He measured, took notes, tut-tutted at the state of
every room in the house, and after 4 hours of mentally rearranging my life and
my sad excuses for furniture, ate 2 servings of rice, ginisang ampalaya, togue
and beef caldereta.

My favorite MNRisms
from yesterday’s life-repurposing session

“If there is a place for
everything, then nothing will be out of place.”

“There’s nothing wrong with
accumulating things. You just have to build a place for them.”

“I told her, don’t put anything
on those empty shelves. Those shelves are the FUTURE.”

He will make a wonderful
ninong/guardian angel/decorating diva for Belly. AND he owns a Nikon