A month late for Halloween.

Office Christmas parties are the ultimate socialist
exercise: everyone has an equal right to appear at their most

Our concept this year was pairs. People
drew from a random mix of pairs (AC/DC, salt and pepper, night and day – you get
the picture) and came in their best costume estimate. Bennet and Marco, true to
form, wanted a shot at the worst costume prize (which they won). They drew
Crispin and Basilio, but came in matching black shirts and malongs, holding fake
DVDs. They spun this long story about Crispin and Basilio transferring their
loyalties to the Muslim side because of the maltreatment they got from the
Catholic Spanish friars.

Kayen drew “love and
hate” for us, and it was very difficult to translate into outfits. (As you can
see.) Inspired shots at what we were supposed to be included: grannies, heart of
stone and heart of flowers, and desperate housewives.

Next year I think I will suggest
something more glamorous.

Makeup notes:
Foundation: Shiseido smoothing veil, Shu Uemura Pearl translucent loose powder,
I Nuovi eyeshadow used as lipstick, blusher, and yes, as eyeshadow. Green and
red fake hair propped on black headbands.