The name studies begin.

Advertising people know name studies. I’ve realized
that a headache-free number of options lies somewhere between 5 and 8. Below 5
and the clients think you haven’t spent enough time thinking. More than 8 and
they think you’re not spending enough time

My two favorite names for Belly
Boyby, so far, are Lucien and Lycan. Lucien means light, and it’s as close to
Lucifer as you can get and still be allowed in front of the baptismal fount.
Lycan is a shortened form of lycanthrope, or werewolf, and it’s the term they
use for the werewolf tribe in Underworld. I had to drop Logan from the list
after Fabo, in true playground-survivor fashion, said, “No, they’ll call him
Itlogan.” See, I didn’t even think of that. I just wanted Logan because of
Wolverine. There’s also Lorcan, which means “little fierce one,” of Irish